The Blessing of Rejection

I remember when I was a teenager I had a huge crush on this guy. And while he took me out on dates, called me on the phone, and said all the right things, it was obvious to me that he wasn’t as “into” me as I was “into” him. I could tell because for some reason he did not want to give me what I wanted most–the title of his girlfriend. No matter what I did or said to try and figure out why he didn’t want to commit to me, I could never get an answer that satisfied me. I wasted so much time wondering what was wrong with me. Why am I good enough to act like his girlfriend, but not good enough to actually be his girlfriend. It wasn’t until years later that I realized what the problem was. It was a problem that I obsessed over this for YEARS. It was a problem that I obsessed over him for YEARS. Why? Because he was NOT the man that God intended for me and it was NOT the time for me to even be considering this level of commitment. God had so much more for me to do that He needed my undivided attention to accomplish and at the same time He was preparing my husband and I for each other. Talk about an all-knowing and all-powerful God! He turned what I thought was rejection into my blessing.

Let’s consider two examples of rejection in the Bible. Cain, Adam and Eve’s son, took rejection the wrong way and things turned out miserably for him. He and his brother Abel both offered sacrifices to God out of what they had. Abel offered the best part of his flock and Cain offered a part of his produce. There’s a clear difference here in the level of commitment and love for God behind both offerings. Because Cain didn’t put much effort at all into his sacrifice, God rejected it. That really offended Cain, so much so that he began to hate his brother, whose offering was pleasing to God. You know what happened after that. He went from being his brother enemy to being his brother murderer. All because of rejection. Now what Cain should have done was use that as an opportunity to improve. I’m quite sure that if he had asked, God would have told him how to get his offering accepted the next time and he too would be a recipient of God’s blessing.

Jesus, on the other hand, took crown of rejection made out of thorns and made it into a crown of glory. From his very birth, the His own people rejected him. They denied that He was the Christ. They denied the miracles He performed. They crucified Him despite His innocence. And even today, there are those who still reject His salvation. But Jesus endured it all because He knew the joy and the glory set before Him. He also knew the greater purpose ahead, which was the redemption of us all–our eternal blessing.

“Trust His open and His closed doors, regardless of what they are.” Heather Lindsey, founder of Pinky Promise

I challenge you to change your viewpoint from rejection focused to blessing focused. See the situation for what it truly is meant to be–God working on your behalf to bring you to the place He has predestined you to be. What could be better and more fulfilling than that?!

Based on Chapter 1 of “Wait on God: What Every Single Woman Should Know to Receive God’s Best!”



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  1. Tai East
    Dec 18, 2014 @ 18:27:24

    Briana, you are such a blessing to my heart! Keep loving, encouraging, and inspiring! You were born to do this and you’re doing it like no one else can! Blessings to you always, my friend! 🙂


    • Young Woman in Action
      Dec 18, 2014 @ 18:47:25

      Thanks a bunch for this on-time word, Tai! I was just talking to my husband about how similar my words are to some other women whom I’ve met and read about. I wondered what element do I bring to the table and what new perspective can I offer to people who read my stuff. He reassured me that the word of God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What I provide with my story is confirmation of the things that others before me have said, that when anyone does things God’s way, He provides His best. He also added that even though our testimonies may be similar, they are still not the same. So the world needs to hear it from all of us that God is ABLE and GREAT! You just confirmed it for me as well. Thanks, Sis!


      • Tai East
        Dec 18, 2014 @ 20:35:33

        You are so very welcome, Love! GOD is using you in an amazing way and the true beauty in that is that HE still has so much greater in store for you and I just love that! 🙂

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