Ending a Dead-End Relationship

Deep down in you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????r heart you know when a dating relationship isn’t going anywhere good. You know that with things being the way they are, marrying him would not be a good idea, so neither is dating him. He may not treat you with the respect you deserve. He may not take care of his children like he should. He may be jealous to a point of being violent or oppressive or he may cheat on you. He may not have any intentions on making you His wife. Either way it goes, you don’t deserve to be treated that way, and you know it. So, why put up with that?

Could it be because he’s the father of your children, he makes you happy physically, or you just fear being alone? Let me take a moment to speak to the princess in you. NONE of these are reasons to subject yourself to mistreatment. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT! That is not the love God intends for you to have, so don’t settle for it. Instead, wait on God and allow Him to orchestrate your love life.  I know it won’t be easy because by now, this is what you’re accustomed to and how you think love is supposed to work, but there is a better way. God’s way. So, how can you walk away from a dead-end relationship?

1. Realize you’re worth more than that. Don’t you know that Jesus paid for you with His life? That is a pretty high price. Don’t you know that you are a daughter of THE KING? A king’s kid has access to the best of everything. Although it may seem like your options are limited, know that they are only limited by a lack of faith and an unwillingness to do things His way. Even a natural king expects his children to obey Him. The King of Kings is no different. He wants you to see just how precious you are in His eyes, and He longs to take care of you, to meet your every need and fulfill your every desire, according to His will of course. When you realize that He is your provider in every area, you will realize that you don’t need a natural man, especially one who fails to treat you with the same love and care that your Heavenly Father does, to do it.

2. Allow God to lead you. Many times God’s directions are the most uncomfortable to follow, especially when we first begin to follow. But the more you do, the easier it becomes because you learn that He is a trustworthy guide who makes no mistakes. He knows where He wants you to be, in His will. So if you sense that God is leading you away from a bad relationship, don’t resist. It is for your good. No matter how much you think you know what you need, nobody knows that better than the one who created you. Warning though: don’t expect for God to lay out the complete road map before you. If He did, He knows that we might still try to get ahead of Him and end up making a mess of things. What He desires is for you to seek Him daily in prayer, worship, and the study of scripture so that you can receive His instructions about your life. If you don’t know how to go about breaking things off, He will guide you in that also. All you need to do is ask. Then and only then will you be sure that you are on the path that He has predestined for you. Submit to His way, and you will prosper.

3. Trust God to keep you. If you think that you will not be able to make it without that man in your life, abandon that thinking.  It is a lie! God is a keeper, and He will keep or preserve whatever you commit to Him (2 Timothy 1:12) including yourself. He will keep your mind whole when it tries to tell you you can’t stand to be alone. He will keep your body whole when it tries to tell you that you need a man to gratify it’s desires. He will keep your spirit whole when it needs to be strengthened against Satan’s temptations. He is your source, and He will be all that you need Him to be if you allow Him the opportunity.

4. Have the courage to let go and let God. Any decision you make to live for God and follow His commands takes courage. Why? Because it goes totally against what the world reinforces. It can be hard to take the road less traveled, but I’ve found that road to be much more pleasurable and a lot less troublesome to travel. God does the steering while I enjoy the ride. Sure, it may seem lonely at times, but you are never alone in this walk with God and you don’t need a physical man in your life to prove it. Your willingness to let the dead-end relationship go is a bold sign that you believe you are worth more than what you have been allowing. It is a bold sign that you trust God to lead you and keep you. And it is a bold sign that you are tired of taking Satan’s mess and ready to receive God’s best! It is a bold sign that you are on the way to a new beginning.

Based on Chapter 9 of “Wait on God: What Every Single Woman Should Know to Receive God’s Best!”


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charly
    Dec 17, 2014 @ 22:12:40

    If this isn’t stepping on all of my toes….this is so where I am right now…trying very hard to let go and let God lead me.


    • Young Woman in Action
      Dec 17, 2014 @ 22:21:42

      Thanks for sharing this Charly! It takes a lot to admit this, but this is the first step to making the necessary change. No one should feel trapped in a relationship because of fear. Fear has torment and there is no fear in love (in God). I will pray that you find the courage to follow God’s lead and the strength to let go. You deserve His best! Love you, sis!


  2. Capitola Vaughn
    Jan 18, 2015 @ 19:28:18

    You are right on.


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