Beautiful Black Man

black manHey there, beautiful black man.  What brings you here?  You know beauty like yours is rare around these parts.  You make a sistah wish she had taken art appreciation 101 to delve into the intricacies of the unique sculpture you are.  I didn’t notice you at first, but once we made eye contact I knew you were something special.

What is it about you that makes me rush to a pen and pad to capture your radiance and encapsulate you in my mind?  Is it because you’re simply beautiful or simply a rare find?  You remind me of an African warrior prince—your locks long and strong; your height towering; your complexion dark as chocolate; your physique tight and chiseled like an ebony statue.  I did a double take when you passed and became tongue-tied.  Too beautiful for words.

What is it about you that makes me silently grin?  Are you such a hot commodity where you’re from?  What is it about you that makes me want to see you again, not to date you or take you home to my mom, but to lay eyes on your captivating self.  I only saw you once, but from my point of view you were somebody to remember.

Ooh beautiful black man, what is it that you do, where did you come from, and did you bring anymore brothas with you?

Beautiful black man you are a sight for hungry eyes; a testament to the wondering soul; an answer to the plaguing question:  Where are all the fine men?  Do they even exist anymore other than Hollywood, on my tv screen or in the gay magazines?  What is it that made me talk about you to myself once you left?  At that moment my tongue became the pen of a ready writer.  I couldn’t believe I had seen you, met eyes with you and nearly bumped into you.

You remind me of a cool condensation drenched glass of lemonade on a scorching day — Ahhh refreshing!

But I have a few questions: is your personality as radiant as your smile; your character as steady as your stride; is your faith as strong as your jaw line or your soul as deep as the dimples adorning your cheeks?  Or are you one of those shallow brothas, the looking for a dime piece, but can’t find peace kind of brothas?  Are you the kind of guy who appreciates a woman’s strength or are you intimidated by my standards?  Do you have integrity or are you shirking responsibilities and playing the victim?  Does hard work and honesty characterize you?  If not, then keep it moving because I’ve actually seen your kind too many times—lazy, trifling, good for nothing but looks type of brothas.  The kind of guys who instead of owning where they are, want a woman to stoop to their level to make them feel adequate.  You know what?  On second thought, don’t answer because I don’t want to ruin this fantasy with thoughtless words or justifications for mediocrity.  I’ll just bask in the luxury of you, Mr. Beautiful Black Man and wait for a real man to take my hand.  But thanks anyway for the lovely view.

Written in 2004 by yours truly.  

Ladies, have you ever seen a man so gorgeous that you had to just stop and stare?  Have you ever met a guy whose exterior qualities didn’t match his interior qualities?  I’d love to hear about it.


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