Raise a Standard

Raise a standardstandard

Raise a standard that guards

Raise a standard that guides

Raise a standard that protects

From unecessary heartache

Raise a standard that substantiates your true worth

A standard for your time

A standard for your life

A standard for your love

Raise a standard.

Keep your head and your sights high

As one who hopes

And one who believes

One that seeks to please the Lord

To be an example

Raise a standard

Not an endless list of shallow wishes

Or false pretenses

But purposeful, God inspired standards

That all can recognize

That no one can circumvent

A standard that shields

A standard that dignifies

A standard that anchors

A standard that personifies righteousness and true holiness

Raise a standard

A standard that eliminates the dead weight

And a standard that keeps the path of your feet straight.

Raise a standard

Not just in word

But in deed

A standard that one worthy will meet

The worthy one

The one that appreciates virtue

That has standards too

Raise a standard in everything

Know that the journey will feel like eternity,

But the wait will be worth it

So raise a standard

A standard in your home

A standard in your relationships

A standard in your walk

And let your standards be non-negotiable

For settling is effortless

But standing—priceless.

I’m just sayin’.


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